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I’m Miss Bourguignon.

I’m a Canadian designer and visual artist, as well as the founder and creative pixie behind OMGoddess and the Modern Witch Club.

I would describe my art as minimalist and pure, mostly comprised of clean, simple lines with a light touch of color when needed. I am inspired by self-love, self-care and magic.

I’ve spent the past four years working on a project called AURA, where with my partner I created a whole brand from the ground up and sold unique and high quality sleep masks. After selling thousands of these worldwide, I soon realized my calling was elsewhere. My true passion is in creating art and collaborating with other amazing artists and creators.

My mission is to help you develop your own personal blend of magic. Whether it is for yourself or for your business, I truly believe there is magic within everybody and everything, sometimes it just needs a little helping hand to trickle out and shine! With the help of my illustrations, photography or marketing experience, I am positive that by working together we can spark that magic and make it grow.


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my favorites

A collection of my favorite items to add to your “witch” list. Tested and approved by yours truly!

La boite de Nosfey

Une boite de curiosités et magie mensuelle, dans laquelle on y découvre plein de petits trésors.

Matcha Bangoshi

My matcha and me it’s a love story, I cannot get through my day without my morning cup!


Green Moon apothecary ltd

A Canadian cannabis-friendly witchy wellness subscription box founded by two lovely women.

MissBourguignon_Favorites (1 of 1)-2.jpg

Moon phase cup

Every good morning routine needs the perfect handmade cup!


Sabbat books

My go-to ressources for information on every sabbat of the year.

MissBourguignon_Favorites (1 of 1).jpg

Watering can

Every Witch deserve the perfect tools to water her magical plants.


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