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Welcome to the
Modern Witch CLub

A safe and collaborative space.

I’m Miss Bourguignon, a minimalist Witch and the founder of the Modern Witch Club. I want to personally welcome you to this wonderful community!

The Modern Witch Club is at its core a safe and collaborative space for modern practitioners from around the world to gather and grow their personal blend of magic, while sharing their magical knowledge and encouraging one another.

It’s your go-to resource for varied topics such as Witchcraft, self-care, art, minimalism, environmental care, DIY projects, simple living and so much more.
It’s a community, it’s a blog, it’s a shop, it’s a space for you BY you!

I created this space because I am passionate about helping you develop your personal blend of magic! I would love to keep in touch with you. Make sure you subscribe to my newsletter to get updates, magic tips and exclusive discounts, not to mention gaining access to the FREE member space! (COMING SOON)

You are magical, never forget it!

-Miss B.


By joining the Modern Witch Club, I vow to be…

01. respectful

I respect my fellow Witches as well as our Mother Earth.


I am eager to grow my magical knowledge & am open to new ideas.

03. helpful

I share my knowledge & talents with the community.

04. positive

I adapt with grace to the whims of the universe.

05. creative

I strive to stretch the perceived boundaries of our imagination.


I am proud of my own unique blend of magic!


The Witches

If the hat fits, wear it proudly.

Miss Bourguignon

I’m a Canadian designer and visual artist, as well as the founder and creative pixie behind the Modern Witch Club.


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