Who’s that Witch?


Hi there, I’m Miss Bourguignon. You might know this by now but I’m a Canadian visual artist, a minimalist Witch and a bit of a matchaholic. I am an introvert, a creative pixie with 300 million ideas and the attention span of a fly, the proud mother of three fluff balls and fiancé to a wonderful human being.


I’m also pretty new to this whole ‘blogging’ stuff, and by new I mean… this is my first blog post. Like, ever! So to break the ice a little, let me talk to you a little about me, my life story and how this all began. Here goes nothing…

I’ve been drawing since I could hold a pen and creating is my lifelong passion. My first ever “business” was making beaded keychains when I was in high school. I would sell these for 3$ each and I would then invest the profits into buying more beads while also putting some on the side. I was so proud when I finally had enough to buy my first ever MP3 player with my hard earned cash! Without realizing it at the time, this was my first of many steps into the world of entrepreneurship.

Since then I have gotten 3 degrees: Interior design, Design de l’Environnement and Event design. You’ve probably noticed a pattern here, design in all of its forms has always been my passion!

Photo by Simon Laroche.

Photo by Simon Laroche.

I founded my first (or should I say second?) business in September of 2014 with my fiancé Julien with only 400$, which was still a pretty big amount for us at the time since we were still in university, living off pasta in a very tiny and frankly disgusting apartment near Frontenac metro in Montreal. I was pretty depressed at the time, unsure of where I was going in life and dreading having to find another 9 to 5 job where I would just be another employee in a long chain of bureaucracy. If I’m being honest, starting the business was a last ditch effort to escape what society was expecting of me! Luckily, I’m an extremely stubborn Witch (as my loving fiancé likes to remind me…) and I wasn’t going to go down without a fight.

In only four years, we managed to turn an idea into a full-fledged fashion and accessory brand called AURA, designing high quality and whimsical sleep masks that were most importantly locally sourced and made. Over those years we sold over thousands of masks worldwide!

It was definitely hard at times. We cried, smiled and laughed through the ups and the downs. We made countless mistakes along the way, but through it all I learned so much about myself, my partner, my skills and overall about the amazing and strong human being I am deep inside. I never thought that this process would be preparing me for something much bigger.


In 2017 I realized my calling was elsewhere. While still working on AURA I started wondering what I really wanted out of my life, what my purpose in this world was and how I could bring more joy and ease into my routine. I wanted to go back to the essentials and work on my art, my personal interests while building something that truly resonated with me.

It’s through my personal art that I finally found my voice, a way to express myself and connect to like-minded people. I got inspired by witchcraft, nature and the amazing human beings that I’ve had a chance to meet. At first I thought that this would be enough to bring me the fulfillment I was looking for, but I still wanted more! That’s when I realized that deep down I’ve always felt like I was here to ‘’help others’’ and the idea of a community started to form in my mind.

… And with that, I’m already over my word count, wow! Told you I was new to blogging. Look forward to my next post.

Thanks for reading, looking forward to creating more magic with you all!

You are magical,
Miss B.