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OMGoddess is a project of all kinds of Goddesses celebrating our inner beauty, our body, our unique power.

This project consists of letting me see past your outter appearance and delve deeper to find the goddess that’s lying dormant inside, to let her shine through a one of a kind illustration!

By participating in this project, your custom illustration will also have the chance to be featured in future OMGoddess projects like my calendar, coloring book, oracle deck and so much more. Exciting isn’t it?!

Omg illustration at a time


The bigger picture.


What I am to achieve

My goal is to empower women and to show them that everyone is a goddess in their own way. To fortify their relationship with their inner beauty, their body and its power. Once they have connected with that inner goddess, they’ll in turn be able to inspire those around them and empower them to be the best version of themselves as well!



Why a five petal flower

Mystique feminin


True direction


Symbol of generosity and love when given.

5 distinct phase of the life of a woman

Birth, onset menstruation, motherhood, menopause, death.